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At Evo at Cira Centre South, our amenities are integral components of your student life experience.

Meticulously crafted to cater to both your academic and social needs, our amenities fuse modern functionality with the dynamic demands of student living. From spaces that inspire creativity and focus to areas designed for relaxation and social engagement, we’ve thought of everything. Our community amenities offer vibrant settings for interaction and leisure, while our apartment amenities provide comfort and convenience right where you live. This harmonious blend ensures that whether you’re hitting the books or taking a well-deserved break, Evo’s amenities enrich every aspect of your student journey.

The Heartbeat of Evo

Vibrant Community Living

Step into Evo’s community amenities’ lively and engaging world, where every feature celebrates student life.

Immerse yourself in our bustling rooftop infinity pool, a perfect spot to unwind and soak in panoramic city views. Achieve your fitness goals with ease in our state-of-the-art 24/7 fitness center. Our dynamic study lounges provide the ideal balance for focused academic work and collaborative projects. When it’s time to relax, the game lounge awaits, fully equipped for entertainment and friendly competitions. From the caffeine perks of our 24-hour coffee bar to the social vibrancy of exclusive events, Evo’s community amenities are thoughtfully designed to enrich your daily living, foster connections, and build lasting memories.

Here, each day is an opportunity to experience, engage, and evolve – all within the heart of University City.

Rooftop Infinity Pool with Views of Center City

Skyline Soak: Infinity Pool with a View

Ascend to relaxation at our Rooftop Infinity Pool, where breathtaking views of Center City form the perfect backdrop. This urban oasis in the sky is the ideal spot for a refreshing swim or lounging with friends, blending relaxation with panoramic urban vistas.

Direct Access to Cira Green

Green Escape: Your Direct Link to Cira Green

Step into a green haven with direct access to Cira Green. This lush, open space offers a serene escape from the hustle of city life, perfect for picnics, studying outdoors, or just soaking up the sun amidst nature in the city.

24/7 Two-Story State-of-the-Art Fitness Center

Fitness Haven: Around-the-Clock Modern Gym

Stay active in our 24/7 Two-Story State-of-the-Art Fitness Center. Equipped with the latest in exercise technology, it’s the perfect place for your complete physical health and wellness journey.

Sky Lounge

Sky High Fun: Rooftop Game Lounge

Elevate your leisure time in our Sky Lounge. A social hotspot featuring pool tables, a shuffle board, and two large tv’s to watch your favorite shows and games.

Exclusive Social Events

Evo Socials: Exclusive Events to Connect

Dive into Evo’s vibrant community through our exclusive social events. These gatherings are perfect for meeting fellow residents, building networks, and creating unforgettable memories in a lively setting.

Complimentary 24-hour Coffee Bar

Caffeine Hub: Your 24/7 Coffee Fix

Our Complimentary 24-hour Coffee Bar is your go-to for an energy boost at any hour. Whether it’s a morning pick-me-up or a late-night study session, we’ve got your coffee cravings covered.

Eleven 2-Story Study Lounges

Study in Style: Multi-Level Lounges

Discover the perfect study environment in our Eleven 2-Story Study Lounges. Designed for both individual focus and group collaboration, these spaces offer a quiet, comfortable setting for academic success.

Business & Printing Center with Macs & PCs

Tech-Enabled Business Center

Stay on top of your tasks at our Business & Printing Center, equipped with Macs, PCs, and printing facilities. It’s the ideal spot for last-minute assignments or printing needs, available whenever you need it.

Wellness is our mission

Live here. Live well.

Choosing an apartment community near the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University that believes in providing a happy environment for students to learn and relax is a valuable key to success. Here at EVO, we strive to improve the health and wellness of our residents by creating comfortable living and study spaces, while promoting healthy habits that will impact your academic career as well as your personal life. Through our Live here. Live well. program, our community promotes proper nutrition, an active lifestyle, and overall wellness. We also offer opportunities to give back to the community! Get the most from your college experience with EVO.

To learn more about this Greystar program, click here.

Discover the Essence of Modern Living in Your Private Space

Unmatched Comfort in Evo Apartments

Enter the realm of Evo’s apartment amenities, where each detail is crafted for your utmost comfort and convenience. Revel in the ease of our fully furnished spaces, each piece thoughtfully selected to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Indulge your culinary passions in our fully equipped kitchens, designed with both functionality and style in mind. Embrace the simplicity of laundry days with in-home washers and dryers, adding a layer of convenience to your busy student life. Experience tranquility in our private bedrooms and bathrooms, offering serene retreats for rest and rejuvenation. And with individual leases, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your personal space is just that—entirely yours. These apartment amenities at Evo are more than mere features; they are the building blocks of a fulfilling and hassle-free student lifestyle, right in the bustling heart of University City.

Fully Furnished Spaces

Move-In Ready: Furnished Apartments Await

Step into a world of convenience with our fully furnished apartments. Each space is thoughtfully designed with stylish furniture and decor, creating a welcoming and ready-to-live environment the moment you walk in.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

Culinary Delight: Kitchens Ready for Chefs of All Levels

Awaken your inner chef in our fully equipped kitchens. Featuring modern appliances and ample counter space, these kitchens are perfect for everything from quick snacks to gourmet meals.

In-Home Washer and Dryer

Laundry Convenience: No More Laundromat Trips

Enjoy the ultimate convenience with an in-home washer and dryer. Say goodbye to hauling laundry around and embrace the ease of doing laundry on your own schedule, in the comfort of your apartment.

Private Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Your Personal Retreat: Privacy Meets Comfort

Find your sanctuary in our private bedrooms and bathrooms. Each is designed to be a peaceful retreat for rest and relaxation, ensuring you have your own comfortable space to recharge.

Individual Leases

Stress-Free Living: Individual Leases for Peace of Mind

Experience hassle-free living with individual leases. Enjoy the freedom of being responsible only for your rent and utilities, providing a sense of security and ease in your student housing experience.